Would you rather watch a video about how to upload CSVs to Crossbeam? Watch our CSV video tutorial here. 

You can upload a CSV to Crossbeam in just a few simple steps:

  1. Log into Crossbeam and navigate to "Integrations" in the Account Menu.

2. Scroll to "CSV Upload" and click to connect.

3. Choose a name for your table, or select an existing table.

When you upload a file into Crossbeam, you must choose a name for the data. This will be the name of the population that is automatically created from your upload. You can choose whatever name you'd like as long as the name contains only letters and numbers. For example, you might choose a name of "allAccounts". 

In that case, you would "Create a new table named 'allAccounts'", where "allAccounts" is the table name you chose. 

If you are uploading data that you would like to add to an existing population, type the name of the table where you would like the data added and then select the table name when it appears under the text "Add data to...". See all of the steps on how to add to a population from a CSV here.

4. Make sure your file has the required columns.

Your CSV file must contain a column with the header Company Name and a column with the header Company Website

You can download our template csv as a starting point.  

5. Upload your file.

Click the "Choose File" button to open a window where you can select the file to upload. After selecting the file from your computer, click "Upload" to complete the upload.

The file will take 30 minutes to an hour to process. 

After the data has processed, we will automatically create a population for you with the name you provided in step 3. Go to your populations page to view your new population.

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